Private Label Cat Supplements and Liquid Vitamins

Private label cat supplements, which were not very popular until recent times, are vitamins or other supplements meant for cats to provide them with the required level of nutrition or health care they so rightly deserve. There are many pet supplement and vitamin manufacturers, large-scale or small who specialize in manufacturing supplements for cats. The reason for using these supplements is that every cat may not receive its share of nutrition or its food might be unbalanced for a variety of reasons. There are products available in the market to meet the specific needs of our feline pets that need support in augmenting the nutritious value of their daily diet.

Benefits of Private Labeling Cat Supplements and Vitamins

As in the case of other industries, the pet supplements and vitamins industry has taken up the private label of cat supplements in a big way. This is because these companies cannot, or do not want to, manufacture the product themselves due to various constraints, including the following:

  • The initial demand for their products do not justify setting up a plant, machinery and other related infrastructure for manufacturing.
  • The advantage of owning your own brand and popularizing it can boost your name and business in the pet supplements and vitamins industry.
  • The purchasing company is a startup.
  • The purchasing company does a variety of small business, rather than focus on just one type of product.
  • The cost of procurement is cheaper than having the company manufacture their own product.
  • Liquid Supplement and Vitamins for Cats

Private Label Cat Supplements Vitamins Manufacturer

The Need for Cat Vitamins and Supplements

Do you think that animals need pet supplements and vitamins or is it a waste of money? Since the growth and associated diseases of pets are similar to those of human beings, it is only natural that the requirements of their bodies are very similar. A healthy nutritious diet is necessary for cats too in order to remain healthy and immune to disease throughout their life. This is especially true during pregnancy and in case of cats which are more active, where supplements are highly recommended. Thus, almost all pets require a reasonable amount of pet supplements and vitamins in addition to regular checkups and treatment to keep them free from specific ailments and problems.

Common Types of Cat Supplements

Fish Oils: For cats is a useful supplement for improving the health of feline skin, fur coat, heart, joints and Kidneys

Cat Vitamins In Liquid Form: As in the case of a human being, animals too suffer from lack of essential vitamins and salts that are necessary upkeep of the body; it is now quite common to get the desired pet supplements and vitamins as prescribed by your veterinarian. These are available in various forms like capsules, sprays and liquids. The application or consumption of these vitamins and supplements in liquid form is quite common and user-friendly.

Colloidal Silver Spray: This is a silver-based supplement for cats which take care of various skin conditions which your cat may suffer from. It is available in the form of drops and sprays and has been reported to be effective for a variety of cat skin ailments.

Cat Joint Glucosamine: As in the case of humans, cats too can be afflicted by quite a few of the health problems which they have in common. The occurrence of many types of osteoarthritis and other joint afflictions is one of them and this could be a source of serious problems to your beloved kitty. Many other similar products have been launched and most of them have been extended to other pets and even humans. There are essential supplements finding increasing application in the USA and other countries worldwide. Glucosamine has long been reported to be a powerful supplement which takes care of joint problems, skin ailments and other problems. Cat joint glucosamine and such similar products are finding wide usage in humans and pets like horses and dogs as well.

Cat Calmer: All pets may not have the same type of behavior and may be a source of irritation to you, your friends and the neighborhood from time to time. This may be the reason for complaints, arguments, quarrels and even litigation if the pet remains in a state of hyperactivity or agitated behavior which may be the result of anxiety, fear or general unruly behavior. In such cases you may want to consider a form of a calming supplement to assist in calming you cat. A cat calmer is designed as to provide the agitated pets with a calming effect normally associated with the presence of a motherly presence.

The Pet Industry

The pet supplement and vitamins industry has now come into prominence and is growing by leaps and bounds; not only do we have specialized veterinary care but the care taken by the pet owners has also grown over the years; this is a very vital factor in boosting the market demands. This boom in pet supplement and vitamins might be attributed to the phenomenal growth in demand for various pet supplements and vitamins arising out of a growing awareness among pet owners and the growth of veterinary science in general.

Private Label Pet Supplements

Private label pet supplements and vitamins are a natural extension of the manufacturing, branding and selling process being followed worldwide by many companies. The normal practice is for bulk manufacturers of pet supplements and vitamins, cat joint glucosamine, cat calmer and other essential supplements being contracted by the smaller pet supplement and vitamin companies who place their labels onto the products, market them as their own product and sell them through various outlets using their own resources. Online stores which have mushroomed all over the world are a particularly good option in this matter.